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444-0021: Kampala Social Club – “Astral Tribes”

Instagram Youtube 444-0021: Kampala Social Club – Astral Tribes Kampala Social Club – Astral Tribes “Astral Tribes” is the second single from the forthcoming LP by Toronto artist Kampala Social Club. Entitled Astral, the project will be released December 2, 2022. Conceptually, it explores the timeline of existence through various roles and perspectives. First single… Read more »

444-0020: Kampala Social Club – “Astral Sensei”

Instagram Youtube 444-0020: Kampala Social Club – Astral Sensei Kampala Social Club – Astral Sensei “Astral Sensei” is the first single from the forthcoming LP by Toronto artist Kampala Social Club.  Entitled Astral, the project prods the timeline of existence through various perspectives.   The song itself is sharp, driving and intensely atmospheric. It is… Read more »

444-0019: Esay Bando – “A Cinderella Story”

Instagram Youtube 444-0019: Esay Bando – A Cinderella Story It’s been a long road to this point but today we welcome the first EP from former D-boy turned rapper Esay Bando.  A Cinderella Story is a rich and varied 6-track project produced by Rich Kidd with help from DRTWRK. It’s about loss, growth, violence, greed and… Read more »

444-0018: Esay Bando – “’96 Hova”

Instagram Youtube 444-0018: Esay Bando – ’96 Hova “Feel Like We Been Fighting All Our Lives” “’96 Hova” is the latest single from former D-boy turned rapper Esay Bando. The Toronto artist has already dropped a number of salvos from his forthcoming EP A Cinderella Story (cover below). The project was produced by Rich Kidd… Read more »

444-0017: Esay Bando – “Out The North”

Instagram Youtube 444-0017: Esay Bando – Out The North “”They Said We Won’t Make It Out The North” Bando is back with some ice cold for the summer. Today the former D-boy turned rapper dropped the opening salvo from his forthcoming EP A Cinderella Story (you’re looking at the cover right below). The project was… Read more »

444-0015: DoFlame – “DoStroy”

Instagram Youtube 444-0015: DoFlame – DoStroy “DoStroy!” We’ve written a lot about DoFlame since we dropped his first music in April of 2021. Today his debut LP DoStroy dropped and at this point, there isn’t much more to say. The record is original, aggressive, and a true representation of the wild energy that’s been seeping out of… Read more »

444-0014: Esay Bando – “2 Legit to Quit”

Instagram Youtube 444-0014: Esay Bando – 2 Legit to Quit “2 Legit to Quit” Today we welcome a new artist to 444%.  Esay Bando is the moniker of Toronto based, street raised Dayan Sabando Paredes. After moving from Chile as a kid, he grew up in the Bloor / Dufferin neighbourhood, where he was exposed… Read more »

444-0011: Kampala Social Club – “Isla”

Instagram Youtube 444-0011: Kampala Social Club – Isla Kampala Social Club – Isla “Isla” is the new single from Kampala Social Club. The song follows the project’s 2021 self-titled debut, which introduced listeners to Toronto producer Steven Fernandez’ mixture of ambient, meditative downtempo electronic and solo piano music, and the unique cultural narrative that accompanies… Read more »

444-0010: Kampala Social Club – “SO1L (Pause + Expand Refix)”

Instagram Youtube 444-0010: Kampala Social Club – SO1L (Pause + Expand Refix) Kampala Social Club – SO1L (Pause + Expand Refix) Kampala Social Club released its self-titled debut on 444% in November. Today, it released a reworking of focus track “SO1L” by producer Steven Fernandez who leads daily meditative practices under the Pause + Expand moniker.   Read our… Read more »

444-0009: Louie Short – “Omw 4ev”

Instagram Youtube 444-0009: Louie Short – Omw 4ev ON MY WAY FOREVER Louie Short’s new album, Omw 4ev, is available today on 444%.Irreverent and deeply endearing, this is a classic record for fans of being yourself. Louie is a master songwriter and engineer who brings you directly into his world with charm and wit.… Read more »