Month: May 2023

444-0032: Louie Short – “Daniel”

Instagram Youtube 444-0032: Louie Short – “Daniel” “Play It All Over Again” “Daniel” is the latest single by Louie Short, and the first release from a forthcoming 2023 EP. It’s a song that showcases the warmth and whimsy of Louie’s signature songwriting, simultaneously harkening back to the iconic styles of 70s icons like King, James… Read more »

444-0031: Esay Bando – “AMG”

Instagram Youtube 444-0031: Esay Bando – AMG AMG “All My Guys” is the latest single from former d-boy turned rapper Esay Bando, a call for freedom for friends and family locked in the system. We loved this record because it really demonstrates Bando’s knack for crafting hooks and melodies, as he talks his talk over… Read more »