Kampala Social Club - Astral Rebirth

“Astral Rebirth” is the third single from the forthcoming LP by Toronto artist Kampala Social Club.

Entitled Astral, the project will be released December 2, 2022. Conceptually, it explores the timeline of existence through various roles and perspectives. First single “Astral Sensei” examined the role of the teacher, the switch operators of our existence.


“Astral Tribes” was a winding instrumental journey, an ambient electronic offering that serves as a continuation of KSC’s purpose, which is ultimately the exploration of time and space through music.


“Astral Rebirth” brings the listener back into the meditative realm exemplified by previous releases “COT2ON” and “SPAC3S,” seeing to further explore the inside of time.

Fernandez had this to say: “The Astral, a channel into the unknown. Past the understanding of words or the physical, however no farther than the tip of your breath.”


“From the Astral we can find the answers to the questions we seek. It is the beginning of infinity or the loop between consciousness as awareness, and awareness as consciousness. Simply, it’s the shortest distance to the truth.”

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