444-0025: Zero the Antihero - "Rollerman"

"Rollerman, Rollerman"

“Rollerman” is the first single from Zero the Antihero, a genre-defying 22-year-old artist from Brampton, Ontario.


Upon discovery of her music, we were drawn to it because of the its outsider energy and the impressive sonic range she possesses for such a young artist.

That range is demonstrated in the space between her operatic vocals and penchant for making aggressive, left of centre rap records and it presented and amazing challenge and opportunity that was masterfully met by director lilmanpruse in the career-launching video for the track.

The rawness and uniqueness of Zero the Antihero is exemplified in “Rollerman,” a Soundcloud demo that took shape with time and evolved into a powerful and intriguing debut release.

More soon. 

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