444-0044: MONEYPHONE - "World Peace Inside Me"

"World Peace Inside Me"

Toronto’s MONEYPHONE has released its debut LP, several years in the making and following 2023 singles “Tinted” and “Elijah” and stellar 2022 tracks “Mink” and “Coming Back Around” featuring Monsune.

The unique dual vocal approaches of members David May and Enoch Ncube continue to shine throughout the project, as their individual experiences blend sonically with their shared ones. Musically it’s a continuation of the group’s exploration of global dance sounds, emerging from the Toronto underground after projects in 2018 and 2020.


World Peace Inside Me is the sound that lives in between your headphones, on the way to the club and on the way home. It’s the sound of the morning after, the bike ride over, the plane ride across and the train ti,” Enoch explains. “It’s the sound of speakers from outside, the motion of cutting through clouds. It’s the feeling of freedom, the feeling of letting go.”


“Working in dance music means to engage in musical practices that are as old as mankind itself,” David adds. “Rhythms, patterns and bodily motions relating to dance have evolved into novel genres and disciplines that at their core remain unchanged. As such World Peace Inside Me works both historically and contemporarily. It is this consciousness that fuels a curiosity to those that have invented before us, and what dance – and living through rhythm – could mean for us now.”


MONEYPHONE – World Peace Inside Me (11/02/2023)

1. To Whirl and To Dance Until the White Day Is Done

2. Coming Back Around (feat. Monsune)

3. Mink

4. 40 Nights

5. Ella (feat. Naja)

6. Rush

7. London

8. Marble

9. Tinted

10. Worldwide

11. Altitude

12. Elijah

13. Light Machines

14. To Fling My Arms Wide In Some Place of the Sun


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