Month: March 2022

444-0013: DoFlame – “Major Waste”

Instagram Youtube 444-0013: DoFlame – Major Waste “You’re Lying To Yourself” It’s DoFlame season at 444% and today we announced the debut LP from Brampton’s Mateo Naranjo and his gang along with new single “Major Waste.”   The full length, DoStroy, is coming Friday, May 13 and the full tracklist is below. As for”Major Waste,” it’s… Read more »

444-0012: Louie Short – “What Can I Do” (Deluxe)

Instagram Youtube 444-00112: Louie Short – What Can I Do (Deluxe) WHAT IN THE WORLD CAN I DO? In the Fall of 2021 the Toronto / Los Angeles artist released his sophomore record, Omw 4ev on 444%. Louie was the sole architect of the project, showcasing his DIY instincts from songwriting through mix. The record… Read more »

444-0011: Kampala Social Club – “Isla”

Instagram Youtube 444-0011: Kampala Social Club – Isla Kampala Social Club – Isla “Isla” is the new single from Kampala Social Club. The song follows the project’s 2021 self-titled debut, which introduced listeners to Toronto producer Steven Fernandez’ mixture of ambient, meditative downtempo electronic and solo piano music, and the unique cultural narrative that accompanies… Read more »