Month: September 2023

444-0038: Louie Short – “Good To Me”

Instagram Youtube 444-0038: Louie Short – “Good To Me” “You keep saying I’m funny, I wasn’t trying to be.” Saccharine or sinister. What does the giver gain? Another brilliant and thoughtful quote from Louie Short attached to “Good To Me,” the Toronto indie songwriter’s second single in 2023. Like “Daniel” before it, Louie offers up… Read more »

444-0037: Esay Bando – “Frank Motion”

Instagram Youtube 444-0037: Esay Bando – Frank Motion “Frank Motion” “Frank Motion” is the latest EP from rapper Esay Bando, and like with all Bando records, it’s extremely hard. Highly creative, relentlessly real street music from Downtown Toronto. In his own words – ‘I put my journey into perspective. I think people that have been… Read more »

444-0030: Goodbye Karelle – “Hugh Greene & the Lucies Made Me”

Instagram Youtube 444-0030: Goodbye Karelle – Hugh Greene & the Lucies Made Me Goodbye Karelle – Hugh Greene & the Lucies Made Me Today, we released the debut LP from Goodbye Karelle. This is the project of Montreal-based actor, singer-songwriter and poet Karelle Tremblay, ushered in with single “Conway Road.” A first run of Hugh… Read more »