Kampala Social Club - Astral Sensei

“Astral Sensei” is the first single from the forthcoming LP by Toronto artist Kampala Social Club.

 Entitled Astral, the project prods the timeline of existence through various perspectives.


The song itself is sharp, driving and intensely atmospheric. It is a continuation of KSC’s purpose, which is ultimately the exploration of time and space through music.

In this case we reflect on the role of the teacher, the critical source of future knowledge, assumptions, fears. The switch operators of our direction as people.

“All stories no matter how large or small have an origin and a teacher who passes them on,” Fernandez explains.


“The teachers who I choose to listen to, believe their stories or accept their ideas will shape life. In this lifetime, I’ve been fortunate to have some incredible human and non human influences swim across my path. These teachers are for whom this song was inspired by.”

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