Month: July 2021

444-0004: DoFlame – “All Out”

Instagram Youtube 444-0004: DoFlame- All Out “All Out” The DoFlame story continues. “All Out” is the second single off of Mateo’s first project, which is coming pretty soon. In the meantime, read our write up on DoFlame around debut single “Bat House” here. “All Out” is about having opportunities in your hands and running with them,… Read more »

444-0003: Kampala Social Club – “COT2ON”

Instagram Youtube 444-0003: Kampala Social Club – “COT2ON” A JOURNEY IN CONNECTION Kampala Social Club is an experiment in journeys. The quest for self, the search for connection to the past and present. Seeking a known place in your own existence, and a place within its future. Experimental, meditative recordings born from artist Steven Fernandez’… Read more »

444-0002: Louie Short – “What Can I Do”

Instagram Youtube 444-0002: Louie Short – What Can I Do “TAKE THIS CHANCE ON ME” We talk a lot about story, about the narrative. What’s the point, you know?   But sometimes the story of something, is just that that something is really good. That it simply succeeds at being what it was intended to… Read more »