444-0054: DEAR-GOD - "Twisted Metal"

"Twisted Metal"

Brampton’s favourite son DEAR-GOD is back with his first new music in two years. After rounds with Terrible Records and Dine Alone Records, he signed with us for the release of a new EP, slated for Fall 2024. 

First “Half a Man (Tears on the TTC)” saw DG link up with Lecx Stacy on production and get back to expressing his complex and aggressive thoughts in frustrated raps over angular production.

Now he hooks up with another L.A. artist, Italian Leather, who produced the D&B inspired production over which D-G spits his lyrics.

“This song is about the man’s ego and pride that puts him on a path of self destruction,” he explains. “You go around thinking the tougher and more resistant you are to the world around you, the more of a man you are, and that grants you more security. You end up hurting those around you and continue the cycle that was passed to you by other men in your life.”

Through the ups and downs, DEAR-GOD remains one of Canada’s most unique sounding artists. In the five years since the project started¬†there are several artists from Brampton that have been inspired and introduced by DEAR-GOD starting to make their own waves including peers DoFlame, Dear Evangeline and Mile End.

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