444-0040: MONEYPHONE - "Elijah"


Recently we welcomed Toronto’s MONEYPHONE to our roster of distributed artists, led by the release of new single “Tinted.”The song had incredible drive and bounce, but “Elijah” the second track to be released from the project – shows the deeper and more varied side of the project.


Both tracks feature the duo’s continued collaboration with Bad Child on production. Musically it’s a continuation of the group’s exploration of global dance sounds, emerging from the Toronto underground after projects in 2018 and 2020.


The unique dual vocal approaches of members David May and Enoch Ncube continue to shine throughout the project as their individual experiences blend sonically with their shared ones. The song’s journey is further explained by each member.


“Elijah is one of the last songs on World Peace Inside Me,” explains David. “For me, it encapsulates so much of what this record is about. Visions of the club, a reflection of the past and a glimmer of a future that could be.”


“The video was build around the skydive sequence. It was an idea that we had for a long time but never got the chance to do until now That build up, the nervous anticipation, the eventual free-fall, and the release that comes as you glide back down to the ground – it was something we were so excited to capture. We started to replicate that feeling in different ways to build the video into what it is now. ‘Elijah’ is about taking the jump, not knowing where you’ll land.”

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