444-0038: Louie Short - "Good To Me"

"You keep saying I'm funny, I wasn't trying to be."

Saccharine or sinister. What does the giver gain?


Another brilliant and thoughtful quote from Louie Short attached to “Good To Me,” the Toronto indie songwriter’s second single in 2023. Like “Daniel” before it, Louie offers up a warm and whimsical record reminiscent of the styles of 70s icons like James Taylor and Carole King. 


As with those previous releases, Louie serves as the architect and contractor of the project, polishing his DIY instincts from songwriting all the way through the mix, a modern man of tremendous wit and skill.


Still, what does the giver gain?

"Saccharine or sinister. What does the giver gain?” - Louie Short

Louie Short by Victoria Bury

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