444-0034: Esay Bando - Frank Motion

"Frank Motion"

Frank Motion” is the title track and lead single of the second EP from rapper Esay Bando, and like with all Bando records, it’s extremely hard. Highly creative, relentlessly real street music from Downtown Toronto.

In his own words – ‘I put my journey into perspective. I think people that have been through what we’ve been through have gone MAD…matter fact, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

So what did I do? What do I do? I cope with my mind, my poetry is my escape, it’s my way to laugh about my pain and make this struggle look fly. You heard about lemons into lemonade right? Well I did that with dope.”

The track continues the sound he explored on the minimal, snapping “Westbound.” The project’s focus track is the very wavy “Andes” which comes equipped with an ice cold video from Toronto director Mercenary (watch below).

The track sits sonically with standalone 2023 single “AMG” with its warm, atmospheric tones running underneath Bando’s trademark drawl. This is some of the freshest rap music coming from the city.

“Frank Motion” is the first collection of music from Bando since 2022 debut EP A Cinderella Story, and you take it all straight to the head via our Esay Bando discography, on Spotify.

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