444-0036: MONEYPHONE - "Tinted"

"MONEYPHONE boys comin' innn"

Today we welcomed Toronto’s MONEYPHONE to our roster of distributed artists, led by the release of new single “Tinted.”The song has incredible drive and bounce and is the latest focus track off their forthcoming 2023 LP.


The track sees the duo collaborate with Bad Child on production and welcome additional vocals from TC. Musically it’s a continuation of the group’s recent exploration of global dance sounds, emerging from the Toronto underground after projects in 2018 and 2020.


The unique dual vocal approaches of members David May and Enoch Ncube continue to shine on “Tinted” and push the project as their individual experiences blend sonically with their shared ones. The song’s journey is further explained by Enoch.


“Tinted is a song that took three years to write,” he says. “It started in 2018 for me when I first experienced club culture in Berlin. It was there I first began to search for sound systems and speakers that cut through bodies. It took three years of living, breathing and experiencing life to write this song which technically took like 30 minutes to put together. 


“Tinted” was produced by David, Isaiah (Bad Child) and I. I thin what always moved us is how immediate the song is. When the bones came together, we knew. Tinted is an ode to every feeling we felt moving and testing our bodies into the night.”

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