444-0013: DoFlame - Major Waste

"You're Lying To Yourself"

It’s DoFlame season at 444% and today we announced the debut LP from Brampton’s Mateo Naranjo and his gang along with new single “Major Waste.”


The full length, DoStroy, is coming Friday, May 13 and the full tracklist is below. As for”Major Waste,” it’s aggressive and brutally to the point. A perfect demonstration of the take-no-prisoners energy that embodies the project.

“I wrote ‘Major Waste’ about people who don’t own up to their actions,” Mateo said.



DoStroy is a collection of blistering hardcore rap and punk songs that fly the flag of a new Brampton and its sound, and it comes as it seems people are starting to notice. The album’s notable feature is fellow Brampton artist and Terrible Records signee DEAR-GOD, who appears twice and contributes production on multiple cuts.


Naranjo’s creative circle – the aptly named OFFLEASH Crew – is also front and centre on the project through its numerous DIY videos, pulling their world into vivid focus. We’ve got at least two more of those to drop and they’re gonna be wild.



And through it all, the DoFlame mantra remains simple: “think big, go hard, destroy.”


DoStroy Tracklist


1. DoStroy

2. Bat House feat. DEAR-GOD

3. All Out

4. Breaking the News

5. Wild World

6. Live at the Scene

7. In Your Face feat. DEAR-GOD

8. Major Waste

9. Do-Nate Today: DoStroy Aid

10. New Spill

11. Barrels


If you’re in or near Toronto, DoFlame, DEARG-GOD and some friends will be ripping down the Monarch Tavern on May 13 to celebrate the DoStroy release. Tickets are here.


Read our feature on the project around debut single “Bat House” hereYou can also read a little bit about what’s going on in Brampton, in Mateo’s recent interview with Alternative Press.

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