444-0009: Louie Short - Omw 4ev


Louie Short’s new album, Omw 4ev, is available today on 444%.
Irreverent and deeply endearing, this is a classic record for fans of being yourself. Louie is a master songwriter and engineer who brings you directly into his world with charm and wit. 

"In a world where you’re either coming or going, I wanted to celebrate the part where you are on your way… forever!”

When we started 444% one of the main objectives was to release records that feel timeless, and are likely to stay that way.


Louie’s a perfect example, drawing on inspirations of the 60s, 70s and 80s, but filtered through his unique 2020s lens.

It’s a massive cliche but Louie’s music does somehow manage to sound as though it’s from the past but also fresh and of his time. It’s a rare trick and it’s what makes Omw 4ev a classic.

“It’s about real love that you work for,” Louie says. “We call a lot of songs love songs, but often they really aren’t love songs, they’re infatuation songs. They feature love that is obsessively beginning or tragically ending while claiming foreverness, but beginnings and endings don’t last forever. Forever is in the middle of things, in those parts of live and love where you are just participating in a process. So in a world where you’re either coming or going, I wanted to celebrate the part where you’re on your way… forever!”
Read our feature on Louie from July, where we talk about how he’s not not trying to be Carole King, and go in deeper on what it really means to be on your way forever. 
Omw 4ev is also the first piece of vinyl ever produced by Louie or 444%. The first pressing is available, via our shop.
Photo: Pics By Vic

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