444-0007: Kampala Social Club - S/T

Kampala Social Club - S/T

The self-titled debut from Kampala Social Club is available today on 444%. The ambient, and deeply meditative recordings of Toronto artist and producer Steven Fernandez boast profound cultural and spiritual ties, felt in the album’s six deeply emotive songs.


The album is an exploration of ancestral history and modern day spiritual practices. In July we wrote about the project – framing it as an experiment in journeys, as a quest for self, the search for a connection to the past and present. 

To accompany the release – which also marks the first full length released on 444% – Kampala Social Club released an inspirational visualizer that works to express the project’s essence and purpose. Watch it below and r
ead our feature on Kampala Social Club here (and below).


A limited run of 25 translucent cassettes is available now via the 444% Bandcamp.


Kampala Social Club – Kampala Social Club 



2. SO1L

3. COT2N

4. WAT4R


6. HOM6S

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