444-0006: Louie Short - Sweeter Than Clover

"Sweeter Than Clover"

We’re putting out Louie Short’s new record, Omw 4ev on November 12. 

“Sweeter Than Clover” is definitely a major gem within this major gem of an album, and it ties in a lot of the warmth and charm that makes Louie who he is as a songwriter. 

Back in July when we released the record’s lead single, “What Can I Do,” we wrote a little bit about the man who’s “not not trying to be Carole King.” Check out that story here, and go stream “Sweeter Than Clover” now ahead of the LP in November.


Louie Short – Omw 4ev (November 12, 2021)

1. What Can I Do

2. Sweeter Than Clover

3. Jit

4. Stop Tripping Out

5. Snail

6. Old Dead Bill’s Song

7. If I Wanted To

8. Omw 4ev

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