444-0004: DoFlame- All Out

"All Out"

The DoFlame story continues.

“All Out” is the second single off of Mateo’s first project, which is coming pretty soon. In the meantime, read our write up on DoFlame around debut single “Bat House” 

“All Out” is about having opportunities in your hands and running with them, ” Mateo explains when asked to comment on the song’s inspiration.


“Ultimately I was trying to get across that if you love working on something or you’ve got an opportunity to do what you enjoy, do everything you can to run with it, and move everything else to the side.

If you love working on something... move everything else to the side."

There’s something going on in Brampton and we’re just starting to scratch the surface. Watch the video for “All Out” below and look out for Mateo’s interview in Alternative Press this week.

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